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Intellectual property and acceptable use


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Copyrighted items shouldn't be uploaded, shared, or distributed without authorization.
using our website to advertise or carry out unlawful activity
pretending to be someone or something else
posting damaging, harassing, or libellous material invading another person's privacy or revealing private information
attempting to gain access to or meddle with the security mechanisms of our website
Reporting Infringements on Intellectual Property:
We take infringement accusations very seriously and respond to them straight away. Please get in touch with us with specific information, including the claimed infringing content and your contact information, if you think that your intellectual work has been illegally utilised on our website. We'll look into the situation and, if required, take the necessary steps.

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Prohibited use


At MasterCasino, we work hard to provide a platform that is secure and engaging for all users. We have developed rules about forbidden activity on our website in order to create a welcoming atmosphere and guarantee the integrity of our services. To learn what is prohibited from using our site, carefully read the information that follows:

Fraudulent or criminal Activities: It is completely forbidden to engage in any kind of fraud or criminal activity. Included in this include, but not limited to:
Trying to trick or use our review system unfairly
Informing others in a false or deceptive manner
using false information or impersonating someone
engaging in any type of illicit betting or gambling
Malicious Behaviour: It is forbidden to engage in any conduct that compromises or interferes with the operation of our website or its users. Among the prohibited actions are:
adding malware, viruses, or other dangerous code
attempting to log into our systems or user accounts without authorization
carrying out data breaches or hacking of any kind
spamming, phishing, or any other online fraud activity
Inappropriate Content: Our website upholds a civil and professional tone. It is highly forbidden to post anything that is harmful, libellous, abusive, or harassing to other users. This comprises:
posting offensive or racist language
sharing obscene or explicit content
threatening or bullying other users
Disclosing personal data without permission or invading the privacy of others
Intellectual Property Infringement: It's important to respect intellectual property rights. Any unauthorised use or distribution of works protected by copyright, trademarks, or other intellectual property is prohibited without the required authorization.
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Limitation of liability


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